Freelance Brand Strategist,
Consultant Strategy Director


To get better, first, we must know what can be better.

I specialise in establishing unique approaches to market, brand identities and growth strategies for funded start-ups to accelerate their growth. I’ve also worked with larger, more established businesses that require a pivot to future-proof their operations, reputation and relationship with their community.

My core purpose is to create (or recreate) an identity that accurately reflects the business, it’s service and/or product offering, and more importantly, its ethos – why it does what it does and for who. Brands that are thriving are mission-led.

I begin all work with primary research; speaking to internal and external stakeholders to define a scope of work that will best achieve business objectives. That can range from smaller creative outputs all the way to website launches/overhauls and customer outreach campaigns.

I’ve worked with businesses in home decor, MedTech, sustainable fashion, premium skincare, circular economy body care, agriturismo, luxury travel, sex care and lots more.

Professional Services

Documented marketing and content strategies have been proven to render companies more successful than those without articulated planning.

The benefit of using a marketing consultant who can engage internal teams, interview stakeholders tactfully and craft a strategy that fits your needs means that your actual requirements are met, not just be ticked off a generic checklist.

I can work remotely and in-house with a core team of decision makers, running high-level workshops and deciphering marketing, communications and operational needs that will help your business run and communicate better.


Freelance brand strategy

Visioning & goal setting workshops

Organisational strategy

Internal communications consulting

Brand architecture & identity

Brand & marketing strategy

Small business & start-up consulting


Strategic marketing analysis

Business development processes

Designing tools for client engagement

Website review & refresh or establishment

Collateral wireframing & copywriting

Creative consultant engagement & briefing

Small business & start-up consulting

Budget & implementation

Creative consultant project management


Communications strategy

Digital platform mapping

Client journey mapping
& touch-point design

SEO advisory partner

Content strategy & consultation

Podcast hosting & interviewing

Social media strategy

Event planning & management

Social media management

Juicy Marketing Insights

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