Al Jeffery


Project Summary –

Al Jeffery came to me with a professional identity crisis – his work blurring between a range of industries, stakeholders and services.

After a few sessions with Al, I was able to segment his work into three silos; personal, community and leadership development, to help him define and reach out to his target audiences.

His vision to grow large organisations with a number of health and wellbeing facilitators is still in its infancy, but establishing a strong foundation has been paramount for him to scale up sensibly.

Therefore, we defined two key brands as part of Stage 1; Al Jeffery and The Base Between (TBB), with three divisions under TBB; Renew, Gather, Guide.

Stage 2 is already mapped out for when Al has the appropriate resources.


Project Progress –

The brand architecture, aesthetic and messaging has been approved. We are in the process of digital roll out, content creation and direct business development strategy implementation.

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