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Can you market yourself?

When you begin a strategic branding process, it’s advised to research your competitors to get a ‘lay of the land’. You want to see what you’re up against, understand what marketing and communications get the highest response rates, and in a lot of cases see what is not working.

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How strategy can improve business

It might all be floating around in your head, but to make measurable progress you require visible goals for both you and your team to strive towards.

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Do you need to educate before you sell?

If you’re a doctor, lawyer or pilot – maybe not. If you’re anything else, it’s best not to assume your audience understands the full value of what you can provide.

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Getting the best from designers

Kendrick Lamar sings a song called ‘how much does a dollar cost’. I often find myself asking how much does a brand cost and more importantly, how much is it worth?

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The curse of perfection+ a little fear of failure

There are a thousand ‘fear of failure’ clichés to choose from. My favourite is an inverse of the sentiment by Marianne Williamson…

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Three things most employees want from their employers

Internal Communications can get left at the bottom of the pile, but just as a fish rots from the head down, real change happens from the inside out.

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First touch point marketing

Wanky, but wonderfully important. First touch point marketing is a fancy way of saying ‘a customers first experience with your brand’.

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Permission to celebrate success

The measure of success varies from person to person, from job to job and task to task.

Yet, when we’re always looking to the next line item on our never-ending ‘to do’ list — how do we measure our success and celebrate it both personally and collectively?

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