Renew, Gather & Guide

The Base Between (TBB) designs and facilitates spaces for re-connection.

Its three divisions, Renew, Gather & Guide, work to empower individuals with tools for self-renewal, developers with the knowledge to embed community into residential sites and leaders with the courage to facilitate innovative work spaces.



Living with greater meaning

Moving inward to find the base within yourself is not always the easiest path. But it’s the surest way to step back so you can move forward into your full potential.

Find the truest form of yourself, so you can better understand others. So that you can act with purpose and be present with yourself and your community.

Build from a place of strength and knowing, empathy, communication and creative expression.

It’s your choice, it always has been. Renew today.



Building communities from the base up

Community development division, Gather, exists to re-imagine and re-invigorate community in the 21st century.

Gather does this by curating spaces and group experiences with city-shapers and developers to instill community in new developments whilst crafting interventions to reignite old ones.

The organisation provides local amenity and infrastructure reports whilst being able to engage existing communities, design for better interaction, activate with onsite events and facilitate ongoing experiences.

It’s time to build community back into our living.



Crafting safe spaces for innovation

Leadership is no longer a dictatorship and fear never surmounted the best results.

It’s through employee empowerment that businesses truly thrive. Benefiting from an engaged team that respects themselves, their colleagues and the vision which they stand behind.

It’s in our leaders’ hands to carve out spaces that cultivate, nourish and celebrate their teams both individually and collectively.

Leadership development division, Guide, designs and facilitates keynotes, experiences and one-on-one training with teams and leaders to ensure its supporting unique and emotional contributions to innovation and authentic workplace culture.

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